Diving into the Twitterverse through Twitter Chats

I decided to take the next step in my Twitterverse experience and joined in on chats. Honestly, this was nerve wrecking; so for baby steps I started with New Teachers to Twitter (#NT2T). The people involved are amazing and extremely supportive; they help guide me through the newness of twitter. This weekend I wanted to step my game up so I participated in a Saturday Chat (#satchat). First thing first I didn’t understand why everyone was putting #Satchatwc until a friend told me I was in Saturday Chat West Coast. So that was fun!!! Here are the things you’ll notice when you join a chat. Things move fast. I mean really fast. To combat that I use a program called tweetdeck. This allows me to make columns organizing the chat and I can watch the activity as well as interact. Which helps me to not feel overwhelmed. If you start to feel overwhelmed take a deep breath and step back for a minute. Most chats start off with you introducing yourself which is simple enough. Some will have the questions up ahead of time and others will not. (this is where tweetdeck has its advantages) Remember that you can be as active as you would like to be. There is no pressure. #Satchat is an amazing educational chat that happens on Saturday 7:30 am on the east coast and then #Satchatwc happens at 10:30 am EC. I was logged into Tweetdeck had my columns ready and decided to dive right into the twitter experience. It was amazing! I felt so empowered while in the chat. Being surrounded by so many brilliant teachers who are sharing and contributing. When the chat was over my head was spinning. This was like a recharge for me. There are moments, during the day to day and lesson planning then implementing I start to feel drained. Even start to wonder if I chose the right profession. But this place, this chat, it made me feel not alone. I am not fighting for my kids success all by myself. I don’t have to come up with all the answers. I found a place that I could plug myself into. Where I could recharge as well as get resources that I could use. Even talk to the people who were actually following the practices. After the chat, my wheels were still turning. I went back through the chat and saw that there was not one thing said that would not have been helpful. The strategies suggested and resources provided were enormous. The connections were priceless. Yet, I had never heard of this chat or just any chat two months ago. Now I am engulfed in a passion to connect more teachers. To inspire and connect teachers to a hub of ideas that can empower and encourage you. If you are on twitter I encourage you to join some of the chats. I have included a list of educational chats that occurring. If you are not on twitter don’t be afraid to dip your toes into the water and come and join an amazing tool to move your thinking and teaching to another level. Twitter chats is a lot like swimming. Some are fast paced in the deep end for the more experienced users and some are calming and slow paced. You just need to go at your own pace. I hope to see you at the chat. If so feel free to say hi. Remember: what you have to offer is valued and needed. As well as if you have questions there are people who are ready to offer support and assistance if needed. See you soon