Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

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We are so excited you have joined us in our mission to improve inclusive Science teaching. To kick off our blog, we would like to share with you a little background about who we are, why we do what we do, and what to expect from this blog.

Who We Are

Fate brought us together this year as we both moved to NKy from other teaching roles. Mrs. Sullivan came from Lexington, Kentucky and Mrs. Holman came from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Both of us came from STEM schools that served diverse populations of students. As we began to get to know one another, we found that our teaching styles and philosophies of teaching were very similar and we were excited to design more student centered and Problem Based Units. We both believe that everyone can learn and recognize that it may take different strategies to achieve learning. We also identify with the idea that learning can look different than the traditional picture of public schooling. We believe that each day is a new day and a clean slate. We must forgive and forget any injuries for the sake of learning and relationships. We apply this philosophy both to our students, but also to our own collaborative relationship.

Why We Do What We Do

It is because of our beliefs that we both came to careers as educators.

Mrs. Sullivan was on a tenure track path to Scientific research before witnessing the inadequacies of the education system for first generation college students and the need for applicable science instruction. After finishing her Bachelors’ in Agricultural Biotechnology and Biology at the University of Kentucky, she enrolled in UK’s College of Education Master’s with Initial Certification Program. While in the program, Mrs. Sullivan continued to be inspired by serving students who had previously been written off and striving to engage students in Science learning through hands-on and non-traditional approaches.

Mrs. Holman was a senior in high school when she was inspired by two teachers who did more than just taught her about their subjects. They saw her as a person and taught her to believe in herself even through hardships. Mrs. Holman wanted to be that person for others – to help them realize their potential both academically and personally. In order to accomplish this, she attended Winston-Salem State University where she began her studies to become a middle grade RegEd instructor. Only a month into her program, a lecture on special education pulled her toward outside the box instruction. She identified with the message of special education and the idea of not settling for traditional strategies. Mrs. Holman inherited her comfort with technology from her parents, both Computer Science Engineers. This comfort has since transformed into a passion for connecting students and teachers to technologies to improve learning.

What to Expect

Our goal for this blog is to provide readers with resources to implement innovative collaborative teaching both in and out of science content. We will be highlighting some of our favorite lessons in our Lesson Spotlight category and sharing our strategies for collaborative teaching in our Co-Teaching category. We will share some candid observations of journey to implement Problem Based Scenarios and other innovative strategies while teaching EOC assessed Biology and Chemistry. We intend to provide both the RegEd and Special Ed perspective and co-author on all posts.

Stay Tuned!

We hope you will join us as we continue on our collaborative mission to improve inclusive Science teaching!

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